When Was The Last Time You Had Your Caravan Serviced?

When Was The Last Time You Had Your Caravan Serviced?

Published: 15 June 2022
Author: Luke Bird
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We do more than provide caravan and camper trailer hire at Adventure Shack!

If you already own your own Recreational Vehicle, rest assured that we also provide caravan repairs and maintenance and have a range of parts and accessories available at our Chandler showroom, close to Capalaba. Or if you don’t have the time to hook up your van, let us come to you! Our mobile service technician covers Redlands, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast Even if there’s nothing ostensibly wrong with your caravan or camper trailer, it’s imperative that you have a regular service; particularly areas like brakes, bearings and suspension. However at Adventure Shack we also cover all the extras that can sometimes be forgotten like the caravan awning or caravan windows. You do not want these ‘liveable’ areas to fail while they are in use! A caravan or camper trailer is your temporary home-on-wheels and needs to be treated with the respect it deserves. It’s also important to ensure that cooking appliances, refrigerators, plumbing and electrical systems are regularly tested.

The professionals at Adventure Shack will inspect your caravan or camper trailer from top to bottom and test all the key elements which can malfunction. We’ve got years of experience and know just what to look for. We will also inspect and repair any build-up of moisture in the interior, which may lead to problems down the track. It is much easier to treat them at an early stage. A service every year is relatively cheap when compared to expensive repairs down the track.

Basic Caravan or Camper Trailer Service

You can opt for a basic service, which will cost $130 plus parts for a single axle service or $260 plus parts for a dual axle service. This includes having the bearings repacked, the brake and handbrake adjusted and the lubrication of all joints.

Comprehensive Caravan or Camper Trailer Service
Alternatively, you can opt for a comprehensive service, which will be $250 plus parts for a single axle service and $320 plus parts for a dual axle service. In this ‘Rolls Royce’ of services, we will:
  • Inspect tyres for tread and wear

  • Inspect rims for damage

  • Check pressures and adjust if required

  • Correctly torque wheel nuts

  • Repaint hubs if required

  • Check coupling and adjust if required

  • Lubricate coupling

  • Check suspension and mounts

  • Grease all nipples

  • Repaint suspension and axles if required

  • Grease jockey wheel

  • Lubricate corner stays

  • Adjust handbrake

  • Adjust brakes

  • Inspect electric brake magnets

  • Inspect brake shoes

  • Clean brake backing plate

  • Check emergency override battery

  • Check wheel bearing for signs of wear

  • Repack and reseal bearings

  • Refit and tighten wheel hub

  • Check all running lights for operation

  • Check all appliances are operating correctly

  • Check all part of the caravan awning are working

  • Lubricate joints on caravan awning

So, if you’re looking for caravan repairs, camper trailer repairs, maintenance on caravan windows or awnings, Adventure Shack services vehicles at our Chandler depot, which is handy if you are looking for caravan repairs in Capalaba.

Hit the open road with peace of mind. Make sure that your holiday is hassle-free with a service from the professionals at Adventure Shack!