New Product Release – Dometic DRS

New Product Release – Dometic DRS

Published: 15 June 2022
Author: Luke Bird
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Sick and tired of the cleanup required after a great outback trip?

The new Dometic DRS (Dust Reduction System) could be a game changer. It is a simple and cleaver product that helps keep dust out of your van.

After many years of dealing with caravans and camper trailers returning from out back trips full of red dust, the new Dometic DRS has got the Adventure Shack team excited. In our time in the caravan hire industry, we have had 100’s of trips return from all over our Australian outback and one thing we know is it is always difficult to clean out any caravan afterwards. Quite often you are finding bits of red dirt here and there for many months after..

The Dometic DRS is a streamline roof mounted vent that allows for positive pressure to be created within the van whilst underway. This positive pressure flowing out any vents or small gaps greatly reduces the ability of any dust being able to flow back in. The system is also set up with a filer system to prevent dust flowing in through the vent itself and a cleaver water catchment in the even of travelling in heavy rain for prolonged periods.

Because the air flow is caused through both movement of the van itself and the shaping of the DRS, there is no moving parts or motors required. This means the Dust Reduction System has a very little requirement for maintenance.

We are now stocking the Dometic Dust Reduction System at Adventure Shack and can be purchased from both our Brisbane showroom or via our online store